Sunday, January 31, 2010


Good news for men-skirt lovers (myself included): Givenchy is re-introducing their kilts this year, for their fall 2010 collection. It's probably head designer Riccardo Tisci who's slowly bringing new life to the traditionally conservative menswear division.
Also worth mentioning are these beautiful sandals (and that necklace... I wish I could take a closer look)

Upcoming Owens

For his fall/winter 2010 collection, Rick Owens once again in a sense melts his menswear with his womenswear, bringing in similar concepts and garments for both genders. Owen's girls might have looked quite masculine to our grannies. His boys, I don't know. All I can say is that they don't look effeminate at all to our modern eyes.

Cool jackets and coats abound,... well as these very original warm looking gloves,...

... and wedge boots!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Surfing the streets

The Brazilian Rique Gonçalves, designing for R.Groove, introduces, among other elements, these funky, sparkling, edgy, sporty colours for the fall/winter 2010/2011 collection. He used surf-ware fabrics, so one can display the pieces on the beach too.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Frankie's Milano

Mini-skirts and long dresses (or tunics, if you please) to be worn over trousers, stand out in Frankie Morello dark, predominantly black, yet playful collection recently shown at the Milan fashion Week, Denim and leather abound. The whole runway ends up looking totally "manly", in spite of the mentioned elements.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Fashion in the eye of the beholder.

In a show, she claims, inspired by homelessness (and as a homage to the dispossessed), the eternal fashion subverter Vivienne Westwood introduces all sorts of mis-matched elements to her collection, shown at the Milan Fashion Week. The results are unpredictable, but oddly harmonic Kilts and skirts abound, as well as formal outwear combined with informal apparel in unexpected ways.

Cardboard boxes and recycled shopping-carts couldn't be left out (all the models wear nice shoes, though).

Out "en homme"

"Karma Chameleon"
Catalogue Magazine
Editorialist Fernando Torres
Model Darryl Corley
Grooming Nadia Barak
Photography Daniel Gil Rodrigo

Heavy makeup and a daring choice of wardrobe, including red pants and accesories both "masculine" and "feminine" (by traditional standards), set the rare androgynous beauty of this "new male" to a novel archetype of male glamour.
It may one day become the mainstream. Are you prepared? You better go get your own lipstick.

Smoke gets in your eyes

"The New Garde"

Photographer Takahiro Ogawa
Fashion Director Damian Adams
Art Direction Artandexile
Models Abiah Hostvedt, Jamil Ramirez & Isaiah Colbert at Red Models

Almost unprecedented jewelry: one suggesting a golden tattoo sorrounding the neck and reaching the chest.
The smoking model poses in a striped white skirt (attached to a larger than life pocket, or rather an adjoining bag)

The beauty of the sandals, in their pure simple lines with ribbons around the ankles, enhance the beauty of the feet, a graceful body part usually disregarded by male fashion.

Low-crotch are my least favorite type of pants (a polite way of saying that I find them hydeous),
but I love the arabesque motives in these:

Howling youthful , ample, fresh male skirts feature in giuliano Fujiwara's Autumn/Winter 2010/ 2011 collection.
The designer for the well known "minimalist" label, most probably Masataka Matsumura, Yushikaki Fujiwara's heir as leader of the company, has also added other unusual details, such as extra-large black necklaces in a collection scaled in black and red hues.

Large black-pearl (probably plastic) beads, threaded in long necklaces that reach the belly, as well as black leather accesories complete the looks.

Some details are better appreciated in motion, so let's take a llok at this vid:

giuliano fujiwara fw10 from Soncini Communication Agency on Vimeo.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Flapper or vamp?

Photographer Irina Ionesco
Model Roc

This graceful picture, somehow evoquing one of those glamourous shots of the silent movie stars, was taken by Inesco, the celebrated French artist. Her model is wearing a cute "bolero", and rests, in front of a dramatic backdrop, over an embroidered shawl.

In feathers

New York based photographer Ken Pao shot Doug Bell in different outfits.
Items include a quite original feathered hair-dress, leather gloves and a pleated black skirt.
Morphosis (see my links onthe right) published the complete editorial.