Saturday, December 5, 2009

Lore for the modern man

The latest issue of Spanish webzine FUXYZ published this editorial featuring Alberto Echevarrieta's spring 2010 collection, which he called "Sinfolklore" ('folkless'). The Bilbao-based designer adverts about the gradual loss of popular traditions caused by the inescapable, powerful, and unifying effects of globalization.
The stylist, Pablo Pérez Sanmartín, chose garments from Echebarrieta's label, Alberto Sinpatron, featuring models Antonio Mingot and Luca Guarini groomed by Lucia Pando and shot by Markus Rico.
The pieces may not be folksy at all, but they do have a pristine, essential, grass root quality to them, from the beautiful palette of nature inspired hues, to the elegant lines of the Greek-like tunics and the nostalgic review of frilly shirts.

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