Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Future Perfect Tense

"I could never really find the kind of clothes that perfectly expressed my personality. So I started creating unisex, straight-lined, limitless clothes. I wanted something timeless..." says designer Rad Hourani in an interview for 160 grams Magazine.

Is this the future of fashion? To achieve a timeless simplicity? To go beyond the limits of dress-codes, and even gender, into a realm of absolute freedom to express ourselves?
For that article, Rad was pictured in his celebrated male (or rather "sexless") high heeled boots (see my previous posting: Hourani: real heels for real men)
These are more pics taken from that same interview.

"The people I dress are witty and aware, and they have no limits. My clothes must reflect that. I don’t like clothes that refer to the past, or that subscribe to a tag or a trends"

"My designs are gender-less, which is not really a main stream concept"

"The importance of fashion blogs is increasing as the traditional system of printed magazines and advertisers is menaced. Thanks to Internet we have a much easier access to everything, which paradoxically means we have to be more selective. Hence the future of fashion rests in individuality, quality, focus and timelessness"

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