Saturday, February 25, 2012

Street Fashion Update


I love street fashion.
In fact, the only positive way of keeping track of the evolution of male fashions, if any, is to take a look at what guys are actually wearing out in the streets. 

For instance, the garments worn by these innovative dudes, edge-cutting boldness at the time, will soon day become part of the mainstream, ... I'm quite sure of that.
Skirts, ample drop-crotch pants, even high heels. 


Takuya, a Japanese 19-year-old student, is wearing a sarueru (drop-crotch pants) by Funky Fruit
 His accessories include a silver earring, black leather shoulder bag and a stuffed toy hanging from his bag. 


Out-doors fashionistas often include noted fashion bloggers, such as my friend Joe Ma ... 


(Joey above is wearing pieces by Tata Christiane along with Rad Hourani male high-heeled sandals) 

... and also celebrated star-models, such as Andrej Pejic (below) who's spending his limited free time with his family in Melbourne.

Andrej's choice of clothing for his "real life" displays more than a touch of androgynous flair, a trait that has made him become one of the most sought-after male (or female) models.

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