Thursday, February 2, 2012

Gaultier's Boy

It's been suggested that I should stop posting about Andre Pejic, since he's been more of a female than a male model recently, as he more and more often displays female clothing, and is very seldom seen on the menswear runways.

Apart from the fact that he's biologically still a guy, thus justifying his inclusion (and qualifying as a New Male), Miss Pejic's nonchalant attitute towards gender stereotypes opens up several questions.
How far can a man go in his exploration of unconventional clothing? If he ends up looking exactly like a girl (or what's traditionally believed as how a girl should look) is he a transvestite? Who gets to decide? Why?
Then why isn't a woman a transvestite if she ends up looking exactly like a man?

Anyways, lets follow him to the recent Jean Paul Gaultier Show in Paris, since he first arrived, surrounded by firends and admirers and signing some autographs, to the bedazzling final result on the runway.  


(Pejic for D Magazine)
He's No Lady
(Andrej for Fashion Canada)
(Andrej controversial ad for Hema) 
(Andrej for transmag Candy) 

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  1. I'm all for gender equality. Man, Woman, Boy,Girl. We're all equally capable and should be able to dress or wear what we want to wear. Gender should be irrelevant even in clothing and fashions, hell we live in 2012 not 1840's. Woman can wear what they want and have enjoyed this fashion freedom going back to the late 30's. So why are men forced to wear what I call a uniforms that we see every year on the runways in the stores? IT's long over due for men to enjoy the same fashion freedom that woman have enjoyed for over 70 years. If a guy wishes to be feminine in dress because this what he wishes who should care, it's only clothing and clothing should not be gender based. Ho I know what your thinking, this guy is gay but your wrong I have an open mind and after all it's 2012 not 1840 and it's time to tell the church and state to go to hell, it's only clothing and your not going to hell if a woman wears pants or a guy wears a dress and high heels.