Thursday, December 30, 2010

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Charles Guislain

French child prodigy Charles Guislain, a full scale celebrity model before he was 16, stunned the fashion world not only for his disarming blond cuteness, but also, and especially, for his androgyny, his natural ability to move around in heels and, most of all, his extreme (almost worrying) thinness.

I just stumbled upon this nice selection at this interesting Flickr photo stream.

Guislain, a multi-talented teenager, has already started a career as a fashion photographer and stylist, and he's planning to become a designer himself.

Is he setting an example to the younger generation? 
I certainly hope so: one of open-mindedness and respect for our differences, whatever they happen to be. 

A bad example? Quite the contrary, I believe. 
I am a bit concerned about his scrawniness, though, I should admit...

Also in this pic: fave bloggers Sonny Groo and Jean Paul Paula



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