Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Beauty Embodied

Andrej by Thomas Lohr for i-D

Male model mega-star Andrej Pejic has an rapidly increasing number of fans. 
His breathtaking beauty is the reason, no doubt about that. 
But his raising fame is also due to his unconventional, ambiguous style in which gender boundaries are often blurry, to say the least.

As he wears makeup and clothing that could be described as feminine by conventional standards, he makes us wonder -considering that he is not actually representing a female persona- if we should not reconsider our concepts and prejudices regarding human beauty. 
Why can't a male be beautiful in the same sense that a female can?

Anyways. For all of us, Andrej's buffs, there's a blog dedicated exclusively to the Bosnian model who started his career in Australia. All those celebrated, gorgeous pics have been re-blogged there, as well as lots of lesser known shots of his androgynous flair.

X-Cape Campaign Fall-Winter 2010/11

As a brief taste of what you're to encounter there, these are only a few, very few, of the many images.

(by LaraJade)Photographed by Matthew Brookes for Vogue Turkey Nov 2010Dior Homme SS 2010play-thora:

Backstage V Magazine.
Source : TFS
Backstage at Raf Simons Men SS 2011 Collection Backstage at Jean GaultierBackstage at Vanquish Spring-Summer 2011, Tokyo

Several different sources

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  1. Yes, absolutely. He's perfect and he's all male.

    The exciting thing and the advance here is that Andrej is not just crossing gender lines that remain intact (i.e., traditional drag). He is stomping on the gender lines.

  2. Perfect!! He can be anything he want! one day guy other day girl and both are beautyful persons!! :) Amazing!! Love the way he looks!!! I'm fan!!