Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pejic: Homely Atmosphere

Photography Jürgen Teller
Model Andrej Pejic

"As a woman I am sexy, as a man I am plain”, says Andrej in a quite lengthy interview. 

"He is the only model who presents Menswear and Womenswear. That makes him the epitome of a revolutionary trend: The dissolution of the boundaries between sexes." states the magazine. 

Pejic's presented in a cozy, homey setting, looking more like a gorgeous Hausfrau than a celebrity male model.

You can read the complete story (in German) here:

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  1. This more like it... A feminine body in feminine clothes, despite genitalia!

  2. Just to say I love the idea of being able to dress as you like regardless of gender.
    Personally I wish I could dress as a woman more often but I am afraid of negative reaction.

  3. Shouldn't it be homey atmosphere? Homely indicates less than desireable appearance. Homey describes a place that makes you feel at home and comfortable. I don't consider Andre to be homely.