Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Andrej Pejic: I Have the Dress!

Jean Paul Gaultier
S/S 2011

Mega-star Model Andrej Pejic stirred up the media at Gaultier's latest show in Paris as he modeled one of the senior designer's wedding dresses. Yes: you got that right: a (beautiful) veritable bridal gown.

Was the designer simply taking advantage of the model's gorgeous androgynous looks in order to show this item intended for women to wear? That's my guess. But in so doing he might be setting an interesting trend: having males display ladies apparel. 

On the other hand, what if he's proposing bridegrooms to wed in white as well? Wouldn't that be fanciful? After all, he's been advocating for men skirts for years! Not likely, but one can always dream. As the model himself put it: "I always dreamed about marrying a millionaire... now at least I have the dress..."

 Interviewed about his being comfortable in "women clothes", he answered that he used to wear his mom's clothing when he was a kid (does that ring a bell, anyone?)

When asked about his "most feminine" feature, he replied: "my hips"

Be it as it may, drag or no drag, here are some backstage pics and a vid of the show:

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  1. Why always the dresses for women? They are wearing trousers for a long time, the boyfriend-look is fashion now! Now it's time for men to wear the dresses!

  2. Absolutely! That's why I'm keeping up with this blog! That's what we're all aiming at.

    On the other had, I find it a very encouraging trend that the fashion industry has so openly and whole-heartedly accepted a male model to display "female" clothing. I'm sure several males will follow suit and dare to try on a dress: "If Andrej is doing it, looks gorgeous,and, more importantly, is accepted, ... why not me?"

  3. I hope more men will dare to wear a dress. But before you do make sure that to be well-manicured and you should be lithe and lissom. Scruffy men or men with a potbelly won't look better in a dress.