Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bloggers Update: Joey

A most unique style is Joey's, an interesting blogger from Hong Kong who's blog is called, appropiatedly enough, Individuality:

In his most recent entires, he displays the getups he's put together for his visit to London. 
It's really worth checking out!

Laced and faux fur tops with matching leg warmers, leggings and Rick Owens high heeled shoes. 
What else can be more stylish for sightseeing and shopping along the Thames?

Joey had previously worn a Nozomi Ishiguro scarf, leggings by American Apparel and gorgeous Alfredo Bannister blue shoes. 
Was he heading to Covent Garden? one wonders. 
He might have, with that beautiful outfit. Only the opera glasses are missing!

Joey's London trip, day one: he met the city in a most fashionable, classical way: the traditional little black dress: namely a Raf Simmons male dress.

Joey is always posting beautiful pics of himself and his elegant clothing choices, making of his blog a real treat:


  1. Rock ja, aber warum gleich zur Frau werden?

    Bleib Mann und zeige was ein Mann bieten kann, ohne gleich als Frau sich zur Schau zu stellen.

    Aber ansonsten tolle Idea.

  2. I'm not sure if I'm getting your message, since I'm not very proficient in German.
    Anyway: from what I understand of your remarks:
    Mens skirts don't have necessarily to look like women skirts. They can indeed show what you have "to offer", as you say. As a matter of fact, I've seen lot's of very "manly" kilts and skirts designed with that in mind. Take for instance: http://jeanguyetco.free.fr/index.php?Hiatus_les-jupes-pour-hommes
    Now, if a guy's into very frilly, ruffled, or otherwise extremely feminine looking stuff, I'm OK with that as well!
    Again, thank you very much for posting, but I'd appreciate if you tried to use English whenever possible: that's the blog's language.
    (It's been a good thing that you've made me practice my German though!...)