Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Designer update

Some creators, both of menswear and ladies clothing, actually do wear the stuff they create, even if it's a bit over the top.

For instance, Marc Jacob's skirts are celebrities on their own right, and we all know that Rick Owens and Rad Hourani are trying to teach us guys how to walk in heels by setting an example:


But there are many more male designers who "dress the part", i.e.: they display their own unconventional designs:   

Antony Capon 

Take Australia's latest celeb couturier. His attire and shoes match those of his tall female model.

Alternatives for men  

And he's also a fervent promoter of male skirts:

Niels Peeraer

The avant-garde Belgian, has no "hunger to create clothes for men who are 6ft2 tall, with a sixpack", as he put it, but rather took inspiration from a feminine-looking Asian male friend. 

He's wearing one of his own creations during his show (below) 



  1. Hi,
    I don´t think the stuff showed in this pictures is over the top - except this of Antony Capon.
    It is extraordinary but wearable.

    Thank you for this blog and your time you are spending to collect all this interesting picrures.
    I absolutly love this site.

  2. Hey Ralph! Thank you so much for your comment! It's so encouraging!
    I guess it all depends on each guy's criteria. Those getups are not "over the top" at all for my standards either. In fact, they're not far from what I actually wear, but I guess they'd still be a real no-no for many males (But not for my readers, thank God! Lol!)
    Take care!

  3. Juan,

    Thank you so much for posting the Loden Dager Fall Video on your site! The video originally leaked with the wrong credits and had to be taken down. Please consider reposting/updating this newer high-res official version with the correct credits (for SEO reasons). We would really appreciate it!

    Fall 2010 video from Vogue CFDA finalists Loden Dager with music from celebrated artist, Panda Bear of Animal Collective fame and VMan/Ford model search winner Jake Madden.

    directed by Bryan Christopher Nichols of Société Vellocet

    Apologies for posting in your comment section~

    Kristin Caroline Nichols
    Société Vellocet

  4. Dear Kristin: Thank you so much for posting. I'm not sure if I understand, though: I don't recall having posted Loden Dager's A/W video on this site. Paul & Oliver are very talented, and their designs for LD are beautiful indeed. They rightfully deserve to be among the Vogue finalists, but I don't think they belong here. If they ever choose to include skirts, kilts, male dresses, or any other unusual garments in their collections, I'll be glad to promote them (I'm sure they'd look fantastic on a Loden Dager runway!)
    Thank you again, and congrats