Friday, September 10, 2010

Street Fashion: Madrid, Amsterdam, London, New York, Helsinki

And now, it's time for a quick survey. Just a few images, which I've selected among the many "free stylers" wandering out there around the different cities of the world.

I've chosen these few, considering not only the quality of the shots and the beauty of the getups, but also their originality, and the very fact that the snaps were taken out there, on the streets, rather than some fancy fashion show: real guys from the real world!




Stylist Sonny Groo not only knows how to handsomely garb a model, he's also skilled when he styles himself!



Photo Tomohiro Muramatsu @

Another self-styling stylist: Justin Trent

New York


Joona (17) loves black, and lots of necklaces. The tiny purse completes the outfit.

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