Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blogger Update: Denmark, Holland, London

One might wonder, what are male fashion bloggers up to? 
I mean, since some of us supposedly advocate for a  total freedom menswear wise, how do we dress ourselves?
Well... What some of my favorite unofficial on-line fashion journalists do is precisely post nice pics of themselves! And some of them are real trend-setters!


New jacket. Very…in season. Very…beige.

Wiktor, a gorgeous model and frequent blogger from Denmark, has recently posted some pics of his new coat, elegantly matched with the right shoes.

He has also been fooling around with some photographs of himself, adding color to them, one guesses, by means of Photoshop or some similar software:

Coloured two of my jackets red. What do u think, like it? Don’t mind the wannabe picture. Just me being bored 2am :)

In the first one (above) he made his lips match his coat, while in a more recent one (below), he brought in an aura of nostalgic mystery:

new jacket nr 2. sheeeeeeeep. oh and once again, don’t take the pics to seriously. just thinks it adds more…well colour

Jean Paul Paula

The stylist, actor and model features at

and also at his own blog (which I frequently visit) in bright red leggings and heels (below):

Yu Masui

Yu's another interesting fashion "reporter", whose blog attracts a large amount of traffic.
And this is how he looks! Cool, huh?  

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