Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mystery Sound

Theremin player

The Theremin is one of the very first examples of electronic musical instruments, as his inventor, the Russian  Professor Léon Theremin patented it as early as 1928.

For me, it's a sort of "ghostly" instrument, due to it's beautiful but somewhat eerie sound (which has been used in countless horror movies), and to the fact that, unlike a violin, a piano or a guitar, it's controlled without physical contact from the player!

The enchantment is further enhanced when the performer is as handsome as this American virtuoso of Iranian-Armenian descent, who spices up his shows with his unusual looks. They include false eyelashes, lipstick and other make up, and really cool choices of clothing. 

As his hands are often on the limelight, they are always adorned with rings, very large but always elegant.


Listen to the spooky sound of the Theremin, and watch him performing live:

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