Thursday, April 29, 2010

Blogger update

You may legitimately wonder about us, male fashion bloggers who promote male fashion freedom in every sense (from skirts to high heels). 

How do we dress in real life?, you may ask.  Do we act as we preach? Do we actually go out wearing, say, a frilly dress and wedge sandals?
That is a perfectly logical question to ask and, of course, I don't have an answer. 
I can only respond for my own style, which has  not surprisingly been labelled as pretty extravagant by conventional standards.

But I do have some pics of my colleagues and other fashion people. 
I've come across them while surfing around the net. 
These are only a few of a rather large amount of pictures I encounter every day. 
Maybe things are changing after all. 


By now a classic fashion blogger in spite of his youth, Bryanboy came across a pair of Peter Jensen printed low-crotch trousers and a wonderful Mawi London necklace to go with them:

Bryanboy + Peter Jensen


Yolos from France is the moderator of the Facebook group "For the desexualization of clothing" (Por la desexualization des vestements) Even if we don't understand French, let's join in! Just for the fun of it!


An original designer and couturier himself, William's style is as unique as his creations. Here he is out for a party, his hair just trimmed and dyed, and a huge necklace hanging over his chest (his own design, one presumes)

Check out Black List, his blog. 
Below,  he designed and built this absolutely marvelous dress for a girlfriend, but he is wearing it himself! Now, that's a try-out not every dressmaker can perform... you have to have that body!
Heeled boots are a must with such attire, and the wig adds up to the looks.


Jujiin Samonte, TheGuy who Cried Chos, caught fooling around with extreme transparent platforms 
(and his sister's dress?) 
I'm pretty sure he doesn't wear them to class, or... does he?



"u laugh at me coz im different.. i laugh at u coz u all look the same", says Karl at Inkarlcerating. That could be a motto of many of us!

He has pinned a cross over his Fruit of the Loom tank shirt for this punk style that includes leather cuffs and, of course,  high heeled boots

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic


I'm actually just re-blogging what was already out there but, all  the same, it's not fair for me to "expose" all those fellow bloggers to the world without at least giving you a peek of my own style.
I know I don't have the good looks of those much younger, handsome bloggers, but after all I'm promoting fashion freedom for every male, not only the younger ones.

So here I am, taking a break in a beautiful Balinese sarong, and gold & silver sandals. 


  1. yes I love men with their own style. This is really great, come on Guys let's rock the world.

  2. I like Williams selfmade dress. I'ld like to wear it, too, and also with the heels. In summer I'll prefer thin stockings instead of leggins.