Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Reflection on a pic

Photographer Kirt Reynolds

I'm reposting this wonderful photograph from The Fashionisto, one my most frequently consulted sites. Gorgeous Micky Ayoub is wearing here a simple stud on his right earlobe (and one presumes his left one as well), a stunning black (probably coral) necklace, an elaborate bracelet, and black polish on his nails. And let's not forget the sexy shredded top. 
None of those items looks out of place in an artistic picture of a young man nowadays... but, what about several  years ago? 
Back in the 80's he might have been perceived as a milder punk; during the 70's, as some sort of a bald hippie, but... what about the 60's? What would people have thought about Micky in those good-ol' days, before the flower revolution and the woman's lib? Most probably, he would have been tagged as a "cross-dresser". 
Well, a lady in trousers was also a cross-dresser before Chanel...way back in the 30's... 
We may conclude that, although we are several decades behind in our "male-fashion" liberation movement, a lot of progress has being made along these decades in this quest against prejudice.


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