Saturday, November 19, 2011

Skyrocketing Stas

We're following the steps of the rising young androgynous whiz Stas Fedyanin, as he ascends to stardom... tastefully appareled in his gorgeous stilettos!

In fact, he's a new-born shining star in the ever increasing constellation of "femimen", a recently made-up term describing male models who display womenswear on a regular basis. Or rather those garments which are as yet considered feminine clothing, but which might some day be introduced into the wardrobe of us guys too (at least some of us!)

These recent, dazzling, pics are self-explanatory. 




  1. I'd just like to say how much I like the concept of your blog. And a suggestion if I may, Many of trans+ (whatever) folk are coming to our "realisations" later in life. Whilst it is rewarding to see so many young people expressing themselves in a wholesome fashion, it would also be good to see posts about us less well endowed in flesh, yet more endowed with grace. (in other words, wrinklies ;) )

  2. Thanks for your comment Ashley! I'm proudly displaying quiet a few wrinkles myself, and yet I have no problem in expressing myself through fashion (there are a few pics of myself out there. Not that many, though) . I don't post as many pics of "regular" joes (more mature or "big of frame") as I'd like to, simply because they don't show up that often on the Internet. I'd love to see your photoes and eventually share them on my blog!