Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pejic for Nathan Paul

Swimwear 2012




Andrej Pejic poses for

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  1. One of the rare cases when I don't like his look... BUT the second part of this photoshoot - swimwear for men is much better... have you seen it?

  2. I think it's not his fault at all. I's the style of the shooting, which pretends to imitate the texture of some oldish Polaroid pics, or it rather tries to convey the unpolished quality of non-professional images: the flat color balance, the dull brightness. Besides, I find the "Mexican restaurant" atmosphere absolutely hideous! I posted them just because it's him, and he sure knows how to do his job in spite of it all. (Just try to imagine him in those outfits, better lit and in a different, fancier setting... wouldn't he look great?) I also liked the "men-swimwear" pics better, but the garments are not original enough to be in this blog, so I leave that re-blogging to any of his many fan sites. Thanks for the comment!