Monday, October 22, 2012

The Diva of Orleans

Photographer Richard Bush 
Styling Sarah Richardson
Model Kristina Salinovic

This is one of those rare occasions in which I have no problem in posting pics of a female model. 

Not only will you consent that the styling is ambiguous enough for some adventuresome guy to wear (large earrings included), but also that she looks quite androgynous herself. 
Most of us could identify with her at any time. 

The title refers to the Maid of Orleans (Joan of Arc), who's not only the hero of a fascinating episode of French history, but also of an opera by Chaikovsky. 

The Russian pronunciation goes something like "Or-leh-ans-ka-ya Deh-va", which has been changed here for "Di-va"... hence the pun.  

I find young Joan, the fierce female-warrior, an extremely appealing character: the exact opposite of the traditional "lady in distress", and therefore an early example of a "gender role reversal". 
In fact, I'd love to be rescued by her!


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