Monday, November 5, 2012

Street Scene: MIH (Men in Heels) II


Jean Paul Paula


Charles Guislain

Model (above and below)



Other High-heeled Fashionistas

from around the Cyberspace
(Pics taken from several sources, mainly tumblr blogs and HighHeels for Men,
I'd appreciate any info) 

MIH (Edits)
MIH 1 (Street Fashion)


  1. I really like this collection of photos. They show guys wearing high heels as guys, and not only do they look comfortable with what they are wearing, they look really good.

    To me, there is a bit of a psychological disconnect when I see a guy wearing heels that people (the public) will see as very feminine and interpret as cross-dressing. I neither have a problem with femininity nor with cross-dressing at all, but there is a real talent to be able to assemble a smart outfit that doesn't look like you simply raided your wife's closet just for the sake of fetishism. (And unfortunately, that's what many men who like wearing heels end up looking like).

    If most men just put on a pair of Louboutin pumps with a pair of nylons and capris, he'll probably just be seen as a guy in drag. (There are a few who may be able to pull it off, but they are rare I'd say). Again, nothing wrong with guys in drag -- but unless that's the image you're trying to project, it may not be the best choice.

    These pics on the other hand, show men who are doing it right. Victor, in the first shot, is a good example. While there are MANY feminine elements to his look, (jewelry, nail polish, floral kimono), the dark, skinny jeans paired with the chunky wedges balance him out and he looks like a very avant-garde, stylish, metro man.

    The second shot, Jean Paul, definitely has the femininity in the leopard dress he's wearing. (At least from here it looks like a short dress). If you just saw a guy walking down the street wearing nothing but that dress and strappy heels, it would look very strange. But the long coat balances the whole look because makes the fact that it (seems to be) a short cocktail dress a lot more subtle. That, combined with the unusual heels, works well for me. Again, he does NOT come across as just a guy in drag because it's clear that it's not what he's trying to do.

    Charles Guislain just doesn't look feminine at all. His heels fit perfectly with his look and tall, skinny figure. If I saw him on the street, there's no way I'd think: "Oh look, a man in heels." My first reaction would be, "Cool. A stylish guy."

    Finally, under the "other fashionistas" heading, my two favorite looks are the first one, with the very light (almost white) haired guy. He just looks sharp, and the heels go perfectly with the rest of the outfit. And the Asian man sitting down, wearing high-heeled Oxfords looks good too. He clearly picked a pair of shoes that would suit him and his outfit.

    I also love me a good pair of heels. Within my collection (not exhaustive) have a wicked pair of Fluevog Prince George heels. They are truly fierce. I also have a custom-made pair of high-heeled boots from Spain. They go really well with leather pants or jeans. I often wear a pair of suede, high-heeled Oxford wedges that look nice with dress pants and cropped pants. Finally, I have a pair of stiletto booties that look great with dressy pants. I wore those to the Alice Auaa runway show during Tokyo Fashion Week in October.

  2. I have just found you blog spot, some wonderful pics. While many men may be reluctant to wear heels in public, their main obstacle is between their ears. Provided the combination of clothing looks appropriate to the heels chosen, no one bats an eylid nor makes any comment. I have worn heels in public for several years, and whilst rater nervous to begin with, found such fears were unfounded.