Monday, February 4, 2013

Japanese Streets Update

We all know these guys by now, as they have been featured frequently in a couple of Japanese fashion blogs,  (from which I've often re-blogged the images).   

Their unique sense of style continues to dazzle me! 

Aran Yoshioka

 Chef, 21
xxx_aran @ twitter
Check out at: TF Update and at In and Around Harajuku

Kei (Kinoko Pink)

 Student, 20
Kinokopink @ twitter


20, Private assitant (and fashion-world personality)
Facebook Page
Check out: Harayuku Update and at In and Around H

Hayato (Kyoka)

Waiter, 29
chifuyu_Kyouka @ twitter
Check out: Hayato's Style and at H Update


26, Office worker
fpzhmn @ twitter  
Check him out at HU

All photographs by Kjeld Duits

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