Saturday, May 18, 2013

Heels Have Never Looked Better!

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Guys have never looked better in heels than the Kazaky. These artists have such a creative mind with perfectionists. It’s about time guys can look at fashion instead of a stereotype. These 4 boy band are a synthpop dance group with phenomenal choreography in their music videos. Not barefoot but with flawless heels and amazing designs. It is easy to tell their passion for fashion. “The group confronts gender norms by fusing masculine and feminine attributes together”. You might have noticed in Madonna’s video “Girls Gone Wild” there are men dancers in heels. These four boys were 4 of the dancers doing a spotless performance.

Mens high fashion looks are sexier than ever. A spectrum of fashion workers are designing imaginative ideas that look spectacular on camera. It brings a meaning and a lot of it is best used when artists try to send out a message. Different ideas that come from other backgrounds are used from another perspective but with a little touch up. For example, accessories are a great ingredient to add on a model. Men can have fantastic make-up done to change up the look they aim for. Just like the Kazaky boys, they’re dressed up in high fashion clothing with the right kind of shoes and makeup. In their world, heels don’t seem to be meant for a specific gender; in fact, in all their music videos they are wearing 6 inch stilettos.

It’s really amazing to see Kazaky to bring out this new fashion and style for men who like to be creative and unique. These dolled up men look fabulous done the right way which are gold for magazines. Creative directors are taking a new step in the fashion world clearly and send off a discreet note getting men to be more comfortable in their skin.

Suraj R. 

Male Model Jake Hold styled by John William, shot by Lucia O’Connor-McCarthy.
Hair and Makeup by Nami Yoshida

Article by Suraj R.: a New Male Fashion exclusive.

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