Sunday, March 29, 2015

Gender Fluid

House of Alexzander

"A living example of a gender non-conforming individual that is walking the world, following their dreams and living a fulfilling life. There are way to many non-binary individuals out in the world who think a fulfilling life is just impossible to obtain unless they conform to societies binary gender standards. I want to be proof that in fact, a fulfilling life is obtainable, and it can be for other Gender Variant individuals as well."

Elliott Alexzander

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  1. I love Elliott Alexzander! He is like my friggin' hero on LB. And the interesting thing is, that he seems to have really come into his own lately -- his style has progressively gotten more and more natural, to the point that I doubt anyone would really even notice (gawk and stare) if they saw him on the street. The green dress looks totally normal on him, and the one with the flares and the JC Litas looks like that outfit was just MADE specifically for him.

    I love to play with looks and fashion too (my closet is friggin' HUGE), but I often feel like I'm still challenged in the "looking natural" department, and that the items I choose don't work well together. I often wish I had a real-life-in-person friend like Elliot to hang out with, go shopping with, and get tips on looks and how to coordinate my wardrobe! :-)