Tuesday, October 27, 2009

September Song: Favorite pics

I've selected my own favorite images from the ones I've posted in September 2009.
There is no "why" really. I just chose those that have "something special", whatever that may be, that made them stand out.

Do you you guys (and gals) agree?

I loved J.M. Anderson's "New MAN" collection in general, my very first posting in this blog.
The huge earrings give an additional interest to the first one,
while I enjoyed the "shredded skirts" looks in general: I can only imagine their swinging motion as you take a walk!

Of Bezhanishvili's robes, this one stood out, the reason being, I suspect, the attractive colors and the lightness and slight transparency of the fabrics. It looks great with those boots.

And what can I say of Daniel Palillo's ample, oversized, shamelessly comfortable garments? The black dots-over-white would probably make most dudes look like a cow. But I'd definetively go the "negative" version:
or, rather, I'd simply go ahead and grab something from the "ladies" section:

And finally, Luke Worral's sunglassed where sometning "out of this world":

I'd love to hear your comments!

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