Thursday, November 26, 2009

Just for A Foggy Day

"Even just for a day" is the title of an editorial for the current issue of Swedish magazine Bon. Naomi Itkes, Robert Rydberg & Marcus Soder were the stylists, and Andreas Larsson the photographer.
The collection includes this beautiful pic. Call it "cross-dressing" if you wish, I don't mind. For me it's simply a male model wearing make up and wonderfully styled in large jewellery and suiting garments, one of which, yes, may be considered "feminine" by some standards: a black pleated gypsy-like skirt.


  1. Yes, why not once for a while change a total different images of oneself! It's cool, it's fine, and it is my freedom of choice!

  2. LOVE THIS!!! I love the idea of it all!! Amazing styling!!!