Sunday, November 22, 2009

S/he's My Man

"My goal with this collection has been to question the Western interpretation of masculinity vs. femininity by experimenting with the boundaries between the two and ultimately creating new silhouettes for men inspired by women's wear." Says Danish designer Christina Højris Ottosen, creator of these dazzling pics and these wonderful setups.

She intentionally concieves styles that allow us males to honestly express our innermost fragility, delicacy, sensitivity, and other supposingly "feminine" traits, in an open, direct way. It's not about "cross-dressing", if you ask me, since her concept is not for us to "pass" as a woman or look like one, but rather, to unashamedly expose our identities as modern, "feminine males", so to speak.

She has focused on those female elements (the lace, the dress, the skirt) which can be used in a more masculine way, in order to create a new look – a look that can show both a man’s masculine and feminine sides.

Those of you avant-garders can contact her:

Christina Højris Ottosen
Købmagergade 25,
DK-1150 Copenhagen K

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  1. Yeap! Why not put something new for men's wear for them to feel more relax and stunning, sometime a little indulging of their own style isn't a bad thing.