Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fresh from Milano

Milan Fashion Week

Miguel Paolo Celestial at El bosquejo reports in his coherent, comprehensive way, from the recent edition of the celebrated Milano fashion Week (I don't think he was actually there, but his remarks, originally written for West East Magazine,  are quite perceptive... you get the point). 

I've only reblogged my favorite pics:

 Gianfranco Ferré


Zegna, Versace, Neil Barrett

Moncler Gamme Bleu


Jill Sander

Calvin Klein, Gianfranco Ferré, Roberto Cavalli


Paolo took the pics from
G.Q. Magazine


  1. Colours ok, transparency ok, but for the rest always the same. No other cuts, no other clothes, and terrible shoes for this fashion.

  2. Carissimo Jürgen: We're talking about ten different designers here. Could you be more specific? For instance, I disagree about all the shoes being terrible: I absolutely loved Ferré and Cavalli's ballerina-like shoes and I find Neil Barrett's sandals quite cute!

  3. Ok, not all the shoes are terrible. I hate the conventional clothes and shoes, I want to have the whole choice, same as women have. Femininely? Please call me only one part of clothing only worn by men? Mens underpants (with mesh) you can also find in womens clothing as ties. So there aren't any real mens clothes.

    Therefore I would like to select my clothes also from the parts you can find in womens clothes until now: shoes with heels, skirts and dresses, ... that'll be really new for men!

  4. Have you visited "High heels for men"? I appear in a couple of pics!

  5. Hell Juan,

    yes, I saw this site. Unconventional fashion for men is my passion, too, I thought it's the same as yours. But this site? Pardon, but for me it's more fetish ... I don't know why, it's only my first impression.

    I'll consider this site attentively, perhaps I'll get another impression?

    Best regards

  6. I also saw that there are a few pictures not from fetish scene ... I'm sure that it isn't possible to establish heels or skirts or other things from womens fashion into mens fashion, if its coupled with any sexual motivation. I'm not interested to judge any motivation, I've my own, too, and don't know if it's better than others. But I'm sure we've to seperate it from fashion.