Saturday, January 22, 2011

007 Revisited

Andrej Pejic

The beautiful Serbian male model recently showed up at Jean Paul Gualtier's show in Paris wearing what, by conventional standards, wouldn't be considered a very masculine getup (he was carrying a gun, though). High-heels, golden tights and a sleeve-less fur overcoat completed his -some would call them- "androgynous" looks.

Did he turn up "in drag"? Well, that depends on your own conception of the term. 
For me, clothing in itself is genderless, so, as long as long as he was not essaying to "pass" as a woman he was not "cross-dressing" at all. As the press has pointed out once and again, he could perfectly do that without any effort.

(If he were, I wouldn't have any problem with that either!)

In any case, he was, once again, pushing the envelope really hard:
James Bond was the theme of the exhibit. 
And even though Gaultier's  secret agent did occasionally wear skirts, Andrej looks, which closed the show, for many brought to mind some of the film female leads rather than the celebrated spy.

Here he is greeting the designer himself:

Some images shot "behind the scenes": 

A vid of the complete runway and a brief interview with the couturier (in French) can be seen on YouTube:

Paris Modes (YouTube Channel)

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  1. I envy Andrej for what he is able to do: Still earn money while basically running around (as a guy) in clothes that 99.9% of the population would define as clearly female.
    I've tried trends like men's skirts, men's boots with heels and riding boots myself. Guess what - in most cases you will get treated as some strange outcast or weirdo even by people who buy their clothes at some cheap discounter.
    To me it seems that society still needs very much time in order to accept truly "genderless" clothing (or those that wear it).
    If I showed up like Andrej does in my job, I would be fired. I guess working in fashion has its own rules, and Andrej can be glad that he has the looks to be accepted in this line of business. I wonder what he would do for a living if he couldn't work as a model...

  2. I thought he was Australian?

  3. Oh I just checked on and I see.

  4. He's croatian but grew up in australia.He's not serbian.

  5. Thank you for posting. All the reliable sources state that he's Serbian from a Croatian father and a Serbian Mother. Whatever... he was raised in Melbourne, Australia,... and he's beautiful!