Sunday, March 27, 2011

Your Own Revolution

Botón-Mango Fashion Awards

Photography Eugenio Recuenco
Model Andrej Pejic

The Spanish fashion brand is announcing their upcoming competition, which aims to promote new designers and to discover emerging talents. 

Create Your Own Revolution is the title of this year's edition of their challenge. And to make it  revolutionary enough, they've chosen for their campaign the exceptional Andrej Pejic who has in fact overturned the fashion industry with his androgyny, and by appearing on runways both as a male and a female model. 

Is that kind of ambiguity the sort of revolution that Mango has in mind? 
The reversal of conventional gender roles has become one of the signs of our times. 
Following that event, crossing the gender barrier the in the world of fashion is simply the next logical step. 

As females claimed their right wear trousers, overalls, suits and other garments that used to be the symbols of masculinity several decades ago, isn't it time already for us gentlemen to demand our right to wear skirts, dresses, high heels and other items  that were prerogatives of the ladies?

Lets wait and see who wins the competition, and what are the looks of the victor's designs.

Do you want to enter the competition?
Why not!
Maybe it's you who is to lead Mango's revolution:



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