Saturday, March 12, 2011

He's a Lady...

Andrej Pejic
Jean Paul Gaultier 


  1. No! He isn't al lady. He is a man wearing the clothes women won't wear since a long time! Women are wearing trousers, just have a look!

  2. I know, I know...

    On the other hand, we might as well reconsider the very concepts of ladylikeness and manhood... a day may come when a biological male will be properly called a lady, just as some females serving the armed forces are already being referred to as "men".

  3. Fashion hasn't to do anything with gender or sex! I'm a man, and i like fashion - not only for watching at women! I'ld like to wear this myself!

    Ok, I do this since 11 years, but there are a lot of men they would like to wear such clothes, but they aren't courageous enough to do it.

  4. He looks stunning and I only dream i could look half as feminine and perfect as that!