Monday, May 23, 2011

Dark Side

To those of you who are into anything Gothic: I've been informed that your day was yesterday, so I'm dedicating this posting to you all, my dark, post-modern buddies.

You're already "alternative" in most senses, including music, lifestyle, and, of course, fashion. So there's nothing new about you guys wearing skirts, only that they have to be black, and, whenever possible, they should display other elements referring to the Goth scene, such as leather belts, chains, or occult imagery.
Am I right?

Anyways, I'm not really part of any subcultural stream or urban tribe myself... but I'd definitely wear any of these!


Model Rommel Werneck




  1. HI. I am Rommel Werneck. I am the boy of the photos. Write my name in your post, please!

    Thanks a lot!


  2. This model is called ai werneck Rommel, Brazilian, resident of St. Paul, poet, writer, a teacher, and my friend Save a Gotico Brazil, and visit the site Goticus Eternus, thanks

  3. Oh, certainly, Rommel! As a matter of fact, I sent you an e-mail, but it bounced. Is the address featuring in your profile OK?

    I hope you don't mind if I re-blog some of the wonderful pics from your blogs. I'll do my best to include all the due credits, but feel free to make any corrections. Thanks and congrats!

    Obrigado a você também, Tiago!


  4. LOVE THIS POST! And your blog is a-mazing!

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