Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Japanese Street Scene

The very best fashion from Japan comes not from the runways: it's rather in the streets, particularly in the Tokyo district of Harayuku, where you can encounter all sorts of styles, going form Gothic Lolita to Visual Kei or to Decora.

Male styles can get quite bold, as the young fashionistas show up wearing skirts of several lengths, fanciful earrings, dyed hair, ... what-have-you! 

Ive chosen a few images taken from two my favorite Japanese-Street-Fashion blogs:

110424-3823: Harajuku, Tokyo, Dr. Martens, Opaopa, Monikoto
Kanta, student, 17
110424-3841: Harajuku street fashion

110424-3643: Harajuku, Tokyo, Martadomarjue, Vivienne Westwood
Enoki, Student, 18
110424-3646-110424-3653: Harajuku Fashion110424-3665: Harajuku Fashion110424-3668-110424-3671: Harajuku Fashion110424-3673: Harajuku Fashion110424-3674: Harajuku Fashion110424-3689: Harajuku Fashion

110424-3751: Harajuku street fashion
Tomoya, 23
110424-3755-110424-3774: Harajuku street fashion110424-3772: Harajuku street fashion

Nincompoop Capacity, OTOE & George Cox
Naomichi, 19, student

Red Adidas & Lightning Bolt Walter SweatshirtDenim coat & shorts with leggings

Kussy and Nemoto, both 20


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