Friday, September 16, 2011

Pejic for Chris Benz

Spring/Summer 2012

Model Andrej Pejic

The American "prince of color" chose a male model to display his most recent womenswear collection.

As might be expected, we are talking about Andrej Pejic, who has been pioneering that ground-breaking campaign, overturning all prejudices, as he openly models both male and female outfits (and anything in-between as well).

The trend is gradually catching on in the industry, and other young male models have followed suit.

The pieces are intended for the female customers, that is clear. 
On the other hand, keeping Andrej's gorgeous looks in mind, will Chris ever design beautiful garments like these for us men too? 

Maybe for those of us who not blessed with Andrej's exceptional body frame?



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