Saturday, July 7, 2012

Markus Lupfer S/S 2013

Markus Lupfer

 S/S 2013



  1. I like these skirts. To me they definitely look masculine enough, and if available I should certainly buy one and be happy to wear it.
    I've always wondered why we men couldn't wear a skirt.

  2. very nice: the combinations clearly show that it doesn't matter if the man wears trousers or a skirt
    I like them a lot.
    Personally I don't like the shoes, but that's my problem

  3. Nothing ,no law prohibits us ,men,to wear skirt if we want to do so. Anyhow those skirts are quite wearable ,don't know (can not see) if any of them have pockets , which will be a + . I would appreciate seeing those skirts available in menswear'shops at a reasonable price, which is unfortunately rarely the case for so called men'skirts.


  4. Men should wear skirts. Looking much better than any kind of those shorts they used to be created for men. Skirts have style and looking proper? I like them.

  5. Skirts for men are a must for health and comfort, and innovation.
    The male genitalia are very battered, bruised and crushed by the pants. The strap or belt tourniquet serves and produces poor blood supply, damaging the digestive system, urinary system, and reproductive system.
    It is best skirts, dresses and skirts for men, never pants.

  6. Es una muy excelente propuesta, y mejor así sin depilarse, es refleja mejor la virilidad. Las faldas son vestidos mu confortables y.. si me identifico mucho con los conceptos que se mencionan sobre la salud