Friday, July 6, 2012

Reporting from Berlin


 He started by blogging about his own, very individual looks. Then he upgraded to contributing for several blogs and e-zines, now Joey Ma is frequently seen on the runway, modelling more and more often.

In fact, the Hong Kong stylist is currently updating his on-line journal from Berlin, where he modelled for Wut Berlin "Dark Renaissance" 2012-13 A/ W Fashion Show.

And there's always something new in his blog, so, if you are not already his follower, you can start right now:

These are other pics from that show:
(Featuring othe male-models as well:)

Joey's recent cover-pics for Me! magazine:
(Featuring Dodo Cheng)

My favorite among Joey's recent pics.
(He's wearing a beautiful dress by Horace... Am I envious, or what?)


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