Monday, December 10, 2012

David Chiang

David Chiang

Taiwanese-born, Canada-raised star model David Chiang has recently been elected for the 2012 "Stylish Man of the Year" award by Menstyle Fashion.

Unexpected outcome, if you bear in mind that Fashion-guru Karl Lagerfeldt pronounced him a 
"really beautiful Chinese girl". 

In fact, Chiang has been known not only for his stunning good looks, but also for his innovational, sometimes extremely androgynous styles, which he wears both in his line of work and in his private life. 

David was first discovered when he was walking down the street in Vancouver. But he was only 13, so he decided to defer his career until he graduated from high-school.

Surprisingly enough, Chiang's dream was to become an elementary school teacher, not a world-famous model! 

Runway pics:

For Andrej Plokhov (l) and Yohji Yamamoto (r)

For Ana Locking:

From several fashion edits:

Two celebrity models, redefining male beauty:
Andrej and David