Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tumbling Around: Skirt

What to do about "tumblr" pics? 

As you may have seen, I do my best effort to include all the due credits in all the images I post. 
Not only to promote the names and work of all the artists, designers, stylists, photographers and models involved, but also to satisfy my own curiosity.

Now: I frequently stumble upon magnificent photographs which have been blogged and re-blogged via tumblr, pintrest, and other such pages (which are not characterized by their attention to those details) to the point in which tracing the original source becomes impossible. 

That is not the case of all tumblr users, of course. A few do show some respect, and include the credits, or even a direct link to their sources (sometimes by clicking on the image itself: Is it that hard?).  

Anyways: Should I let go all those uncredited pics? I don't think so! I'll be posting them all the same; but I'll certainly appreciate if any of you, my dear readers, could share any details: who's the model, who's the designer of the beautiful skirt he's wearing, who shot the image, whether the pic is part of an editorial or lookbook which includes other cool images, and, if possible, if you could direct me to the original source. 

In the mean time, let's just enjoy! 

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