Sunday, January 6, 2013

Street Scene: Skirts 5

Judging by their reactions, Street-fashion postings are a favorite among my readers. 
Once again, the theme are skirts, since I've collected cool photographs from around the world. 

Contrary to my usual practice, this time I'll start by posting an image of myself.
The pic was taken by my wife while we were strolling through the park.
Yes, I know: I wasn't really "dressed-up"... but comfy I was!

JP, a fellow blogger from the Philippines, whom I follow closely, in what turned out to be his first skirt!

Well-known stylist and blogger Jean Paul Paula

Male-skirts have never been out of fashion in many countries!
(Like the island-state of Samoa, in these two pics)

Samoan ground forces

Even for the army!

The same goes for Katmandu, Nepal

A Japanese skirt

Other open-minded guys from around the world:
(I'd appreciate any info about the pics)

And I'm closing this entry with this cute pic, which has been circulating around the web for a while.

As his small son was so fond of dresses, instead of scolding him or trying to "fix" him, this dad decided to support his child by wearing a skirt himself:

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  1. omg .. the last photo made me teary eyed.. love

  2. Dear me---I see the Samoans in blue skirts---have them wrapped to the LEFT---the Scots bend people's ears braying that THE kilt is "male" because it wraps to the RIGHT---actually---their heads are full of puffs of air---it makes no difference which way it wraps! Mere nuances of style have no power at all to confer gender on a garment! Why doesn't everyone acknowledge this?