Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Deviant kilts


Photography Patrick Demarchelier 
Production Carine Roitfeld
Model Jamie Burke

 I just stumbled on this wonderful editorial devoted to kilts. But... kilts as fetish? 
Well, why not! They'd make a pretty sexy object of desire.
The set's probably not that new, but who cares about the latest trend in the world of fashion?
Anyways, the images are fantastic and definitely worth sharing!

Not only do I love the kilts, but those blazers could also become fetishes on their own right!

Earrings and some discreet makeup add up to the overall effect: 


  1. I am an unabashed kilt wearer, I own several, and that may be because of my heritage, but who gives a flying hoot. Any excuse to put kilts there in the mainstream is a good excuse.

  2. Good for you, my anonymous fried! I think that we men would benefit from reestablishing those traditional male "unbifurcated" garments, such a kilts and sarongs. After all, trousers are a relatively recent invention compared to them. They are valid alternatives and our wardrobe would become much richer. As for me, the items I wear would more properly be defined as "skirts".

  3. This is Jamie Burke, the lead singer of Bloody Social, a rock band. He also often models. This was an editorial in Vogue Homme International in 2009.

  4. Thanks! The credits were missing in the posting I re-blogged it from. I really appreciate your input.

  5. I totally have to get a kilt pattern, cause I would make a ton of kilts for myself and wear them EVERYWHERE!!!! Love the pics!!!

  6. Kilts and earrings... work for me...