Saturday, June 12, 2010

Reality Show

By popular demand, once again I'm posting not about runways and models,  but about "real" free-stylers showing off their creativity out in the "real" world.  

True, many of these "reality models" are somehow related with the fashion industry, while others are artists or show-business people, but some are simply the "normal", everyday dude who, for once (or twice) felt like letting his creativity flow fashion wise. 


Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

At this point, young photographer (and blogger) Karl Leuterio is well known to most of my followers, as he has been the source of many of the images I've posted. 
A very inventive young man, he alters and upgrades his clothing in the most unusual ways.
He might give you some ideas!



Patrick Kieselteine is an extremely creative artist who has no problem sharing skirts with his girlfriend Christine. They had both striven to free men from the "trouser tyranny" for many years. For those of you who can read German, his blog is really worth visiting:


Yolos (Karl Beauclair) is a free-styler based in Nantes, France. He is the moderator of the Facebook group Pour la Désexualisation des vêtements ("For the de-sexualization of clothing").  

If you follow my blog, you might also be interested in joining his group (you don't need to read any French to enjoy his pics!). 

In any event, he does what he preaches. And he shares lots of stuff with his gilrfriend.


Photo Anna Sparkling

Model Guille Chipironet

Style Sebastien Montello

Speaking about Facebook groups: This pic comes from Hombres con tacones ("Men in heels") . I know this "posed" and carefully styled photograph can hardly be called "street fashion", but I understand Guille dresses quite  creatively in his daily life as well, pink stilettos and all.

Czech Republic


Colin is a wonderful artist. You can appreciate his artwork at 

In the middle of his many painting activities, his exhibitions, his classes, and his love for contemporary classical music, he still allows himself some spare time to design his own clothing. 

We are both members of the Skirtcafe, a meeting place for men who wear skirts:


On a Street in Toronto by Alternatives for Men.

Last, but not leats, this uncredited picture shows a man wearing a beautiful black pleated skirt in the streets of Toronto. 

I've re-bloggged it from


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