Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Libre at Last!

Rive Gauche et Libre

Photograpy Mert Alas, Marcus Piggott
Styling Carine Roitfeld
Model Andrej Pejic

The Australian model, well known for his androgynous looks, takes his ambiguity even a step further, as he emulates glam divas such as Juliette Greco and Ziggy Stardust (David Bowie's epicene alter-ego). 

Is this cross-dressing? Or, as a blogging friend of mine might put it, is Andrej "femulating"?
I guess each reader has his, her (or hir) own answer. And if he were, I'm OK with that.

All I can say is that I don't see why men fashions shouldn't be inspired by a female raw model, just as a lot of women clothing derives from male subjects. 


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  1. Where was this 25 years ago?...sigh...

  2. There's a great mentality shift going on, and things have sure changed a lot since 1985, Wendy. But: all the fashion freedom were men are just starting to enjoy originate in the flower revolution back in the 70's (when the very term "unisex" was cooked up, and Gaultier came up with men skirts), particularly, I believe, in the women's lib movements of the time: If girls are finally free to wear whatever they please, why not us men?
    That being said, the eighties were cool as well: "Disco music" and "aerobics" came with colorful flashy outfits, or, if you were a punk, you could dye your hair blue, wear makeup, and look as androgynous as you pleased.
    I wish we had met when I lived in Chicago! Best regards, and thanks for commenting, Juan

  3. Hi Juan,
    Thank you responding...I am a middle-aged PT CD'er at one level... and wanting to incorporate an androgynous look as well when drab...lessen the drab {;o)
    To be young again...sigh..
    P.S. my little website