Sunday, August 29, 2010

Rebels with a cause

Fall 2010 Menswear Collection

Designer Konrad Parol

A futuristic, luminescent, maybe aseptic world is depicted by the Polish team by means of handsome but strange capes, sweatshirt tops ornamented with unpractical cords and ribbons, low crotch leggings, all of tem leaping out from white backdrop-like walls and windows.

There have been other "rebels" in this blog. I mean, other edits thus entitled. 
But they all have something in common: fashion rebels are not carrying rifles and berets, but rather candid, feminine looking garments , or, in this case, beautiful, avant-garde pieces of clothing. 
Perhaps what they are striving for is simply their right as males to wear more creative styles, huh?


  1. thanks. ive been searching for this since forever!
    love love

  2. Love this!!! Gotta find this as well as make some of my own!!!!