Monday, August 30, 2010

Street Fashion: Denmark, Sweden, Japan

On the streets of Stokholm...

The outfit of this anonymous, gorgeous looking Swede include a pair of curious, moderately high-heeled shoes, show here in detail:

... on the way to Copenhagen...

Danish model (and blogger) Wiktor claims that he looks like a "Russian pregnant woman" in this pic taken during a trip to Stokholm. 
I kindly disagree: I think he looks simply stunning: just like a real New Man should be.

He appears again below, in a photo taken in his native Copenhagen, displaying a handsomely arranged getup as well as his trademark jewelry.

Picture from the amazing people over at Stockholmstreetstyle.
Copenhagenfashionweek ss11

If the Duchess of Devonshire, Georgina Spencer, would concieve a child with…Mozart, i’d be their offspring haha 


... or maybe Tokio?

Asian New Males show their very unique stye, as they put together some pieces purchased at "Day Break", in Harajuku (above), or as they simply pose in skirts for the improvised lensman (below):


Other Roads and Alleys

And finally, some uncredited skirt wearers on a skirted vacation somewhere around the globe. The pics were published by Leslie Marion in his interesting photostream @ Flickr:


  1. that wiktor guy stunned me. the first look is sooo androgynous in perfect execution. the other is simply handsome. love his style.

  2. Yes, KC: I also love his style. That's why I follow his blog: And now, I'll start following yours as well! It's really cool, congrats!

  3. I like his look, too. Unhappily I can't wear it, because I'm not so very skinny. Wedges are not real my shoes, I prefer shoes with regular heels.