Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fashion Lib

As we speak, more and more pieces of clothing are being shared by both sexes every day, around the globe.

Just as what used to be considered "menswear" for our grannies -trousers, suits, police-uniforms, and such- has been appropriated by the ladies following the women-lib movements, conversely, garments which up until now have been regarded as feminine are slowly starting to be explored by us guys, as several taboos and prejudices are being torn down in our progress towards our own "fashion-lib"!

Take for instance these few examples:


Tomik Dash


110221-0320: Osaka Street Fashion
Amerika Mura, Student, 20 Osaka

High Heels
Joey Ma

William's blog: Dripping Lazers


Top & short jacket from Dog resale shopPink Dog Jacket & Nincompoop Capacity ShoesCreative rings form Zaorick
Baka, a shy 17-year-old high school student from Harajuku

Make up



Patchwork robe & shawl from The Virgin Mary
Momo,24 year old
Ecletic Style from The Virgin Mary & Hello KittyFlower-print shawl from The Virgin Mary
Earring made from hairYarn & fabric hair decoration

Handmade & remade apparel & accessories
Yumaranta, 18, student

Hat with horns & plastic bell earrings
Earrings with plastic bellsShirt & hat with plastic decorations
Plastic rings & multicolored nail polish


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