Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pejic from Ipanema

Andrej Pejic
At Auslander Fashion Rio

Brazil's Aussländer Fashion Rio show featured the world's two most controversial male-models: Andrej "Femiman" Pejic and Rick "Zombie-boy" Genest.

I've never posted any of the Genest pics, although he has often been styled in interesting, creative ways, by Formichetti for instance. Why's that? Well... because, I have to admit, I'm really freaked-out by his face tattoos. I guess I do have my own prejudices after all!

As for Pejic, in his Brazilian gig he modeled menswear, but, as always, mostly what would traditionally be labelled as female clothing.

Pejic and Genest in Rio


  1. Does anyone know by whom the leather trousers and the blazer are that he wears?

  2. I have no clue... but my safest guess would be for Rad Hourani