Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Madox Affaire

Madox, the artistic name for Breslau-born singer Marcin Majewski, caused quite a stir with his recent video for the song "High on you", which shows what seems to be an act of orgiastic indulgence around a bathtub...

Madox's big break arrived through Poland's got Talent in 2009 with a cover of Lady Gaga's Paparazzi. 

The starlet, who's now living in Paris, owes his fame, and also all the polemics surrounding him, not only to his singing and to the erotic contents of his new vid, but also to his unique looks which, as with other performing artists, bring out a and creative and distinctive personality. Just check out these pics!

Madox, Marcin Majewski Madox, Marcin Majewski



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  1. I find him great - he looks wonderful and has very charming voice. I don't like his music but he sings really good.

  2. I love that boy. Met him on Sunday and he's so cute and handsome. If you want to see, visit my blog :)

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  4. He's Hot and I love his new songs, can''t wait to buy them! =)