Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Japanese Streets

When it comes to men fashion freedom, one of the very best street fashion blogs around is Kjeld Duits' Japanese Streets.  
The reason? Not only the photographers excellent pics, but  mostly the Japanese youngsters displaying their unbiased originality, and unprejudiced sense of style.

This is only a brief update. You should visit the weblog for more detailed views (and for the girl looks, which are also worth checking out).


17-year-old student

Junya (Junnyan)

20-year-old shop assistant from Shibuya, Tokyo

Hiroshi (Butti)

20-year-old fashion student from Harajuku

Aran Yoshioka

20-year-old bartender from Harajuku

Ryoma Nagamoto

  22-year-old student from Harajuku


 a 21-year-old student

Our friend


 a 25-year-old student, and frequent guest a Japanese Streets


Student from Ueno, Tokyo


20-year-old student from Harajuku

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