Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Your Daily Style

Several bloggers keep what you might call a Style Diary, that is to say, a blog in which they showcase the looks they've chosen for the day. I really enjoy peeking into those private-public journals once in a while, as the fashions are more and more creative and full of ideas for my own styling. 

Now: they seem to increase in number by the hour, and some of them actually post on a daily basis, so it's starting to get difficult just to keep up, let alone to share all those images. 

So I've simply made a random selection of my favorite recent looks:

This is Martan, who keeps a very organized, professional-looking blog:

Gareth Pugh top, The Damned boots


Covering the NYFS in Gareth Pugh top and Hong Kong wedges

This is Marcus Branch from SKLTN Mag
It's not supposed to be a diary, but rather a magazine by this Philadelphia-based professional lensman, but he does post beautiful images of his own looks:

Indulging in white


Chris posts the most amazing pictures of natural landscapes you can imagine!

And, once in a while, he delights us with pics of himself, looking fantastic in dresses and skirts.

He identifies himself as a "cross-dresser", but what I like of him is precisely that he does not look like a girl, but rather that a boy, only that he happens to look stunning in a dress!


Wiktor Hansson is a professional male-model, who shares his off-the-record, out-of-.the-runway looks in a personal blogs. He acts as his own stylist and often his own photographer. 

He is extremely creative in each one of those aspects, as well as in his choice of after-effects for his pics, which at times look totally professional.

Dress by Tinka

His blog is not that easy to follow, as it is contained inside a larger page called Caroline's Mode, but it's worth the effort


And that's your update for now... there are so many interesting bloggers and so little time.
But I'll report about them shortly. I promise.

In the meantime... I guess we should start your own personal-style weblog!

Other must-see bloggers


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