Saturday, September 1, 2012

Street Scene: Skirts (2)

As much as I love street fashion, I don't post enough of it, for a simple reason: it takes more time of searching and choosing the right pics. 

Anyways, it was about time, so I've chosen a few among hundreds of images of fashionable gents from around the world, who look proud to wear their skirts outdoors, in the streets.

The photographs have several different sources, and I haven't kept trace of all of them.
(The street fashion blogs displaying guys in kilts and skirts keep growing in number...)

This NY style I really loved:

This is my good internet-friend Joey Ma,
from his own blog,
(Yes, I know this is a dress, not a skirt, but you'll find plenty of skirt pics in his blog)

I think the source for thi pic below was 

Skirts are not only for young men or models, older gentlemen also look fashionable in them:

The following comes from

Last, but perhaps not least, as some sort of signature, I'm posting a pic of myself
(This something I seldom do. What the heck, this time I feel in the mood for some narcissism of my own)


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  1. Regarding these images of men wearing skirts. Most seem to get it right or at least closer to what I was saying about a week ago. Better than the designers. The older gent in the seersucker, the black man in the pleats, yourself, the young man standing in front of a store, all seem to have the right idea. A more fitted look. But the real winner is Joey Ma. I mean the man just gets it right all over. The proportions,the accessories... The total look is just all there. And there's that airiness I was talking about.

  2. Really excellent to see so many good pics of believable male dresses and skirts on the street. Please keep it up guys, we'll break through yet!