Sunday, March 24, 2013

We're Following: Rye Silverman

Chick Like Me

Rye is a a stand up comedian, writer and "gender rebel" living in Los Angeles. I've been following his blog for quite a long time now, as his insightful remarks are fun to read, and his looks, well, what can I tell you: more than a "chick", what I see is a guy (a regular guy, not one of those skinny models) looking great in dresses!

He also posts useful tips once in a while, such as make up hints, or "how to polish your own nails" (that one I found very helpful myself, I should admit).

Does he perform often in a dress is something I'm not very sure of, but I do recall having seen him in in front of a microphone in his unique, cool looks.
Other Performers
(Singer/ Songwriter)
Performance Artist
(British-German Pop Star)
(From the Korean Pop Band SHINee)
(Korea Pop Icon)
(Performance Artist) 
(Chinese singer and model)
(Korean pop band JYJ)
(Theremin player Armen Ra)
(Bulgarian popstar... and parliament member!)

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